More Winter news from Bertie

Greetings! As I write this by the open fire the temperature outside is -3 and there is frozen snow all around. The chickens are seriously unhappy and  today only managed one small egg between all of them. Since my last blog things have been ticking along quite happily. A Nadfas lecture up in Chester – lovely city – but this was actually at the zoo. Not for the animals. Chester Nadfas use the very practical lecture theatre. So up I traipsed up  with my props including the ironing board. Meanwhile at church we were visited by the wonderful speaker Mr Rico Tice on January 21st for a lunch event which went down very well. Then on the 25th I went up to UCLH hospital on the Euston Road. On the 11th floor of the tower is the children’s unit and there is a play room where the charity ‘A Spoonful of Sugar ‘ put on Art and Magic for the ill children and their siblings. It is a very simple concept but works very well and the play specialists are delightful and I always enjoy my visits there. Meanwhile at All Saints Church Crowborough we are looking at the exciting idea of Church Planting – it is a subject of which I know very little but I am finding out more and the concept is very interesting not least because it promotes growth.

On the 1st of February I took the train up to Royal Leamington Spa for another Nadfas Lecture at the Spa Centre. This was where I got my first acting job as Simple Simon 14 years ago and it was strange coming back. The lovely technician Chris remember immediately as she gave me the microphone and I was very impressed. It’s funny how important names are. You an do the most amazing card tricks and yet people are far more impressed if an hour later you still remember their name.

Tomorrow I hit the road to Peterborough to buy a new (old) car from – I’ve seen the adverts but was very impressed with them on the phone. I’m  the new owner of a navy blue Rover 75 estate. On Saturday I’m on in Potten End. A lady called Liz Wood runs a theatre group called Sin’Assle and she’s gathered a huge crowd which is magic in itself. We just need to make sure that the snow is kept at bay. More anon.




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